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Central Location

Our clinic is centrally and conveniently located in T. Nagar, off Habibullah Road in the heart of Chennai city.

Modern Equipment & Procedures

It is equipped with modern dental equipment:

  • Digital X-ray with low exposure
  • Diode laser manufactured by Biolase® that is capable of soft tissue surgery, laser-assisted whitening (in just 20 minutes), and temporary relief of minor pain and TMJ-related conditions.
  • State-of-the-art blood plasma centrifuge by Silfradent® to prepare Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF)
  • Latest implant technology from Nobel Biocare® and Osstem
  • Modern sterilization equipment
  • Use of only filtered water in our clinic thereby removing any chance of contamination from regular tap water as happens in most other dental clinics

Biolase ‘EPIC X’
diode laser

Silfradent ‘Medifuge MF200’
blood plasma centrifuge

Excellent Clinic Ambience

We strive to create a positive experience for you during your dental visit by providing you a comfortable and relaxing clinic environment:

  • Treatment and waiting areas are fully air conditioned.
  • Located in a quiet neighborhood without much street noise.
  • Waiting times are kept to a minimum.
  • Digitized dental records enable us to pull up your X-rays and treatment history without you having to carry much paper work during visits.

Dr. Sriprakash and his friendly and competent staff are dedicated to patient comfort and quality of care. We look forward to welcoming you into our clinic.

The Future

We are a growing practice and plan on adding more locations and equipment in the near future. We will be:

  • Installing an OPG X-ray machine (to take full mouth X-rays).
  • Adding another dental chair at our existing clinic in Chennai city.
  • Opening a second practice in another location in Chennai city.

Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) is a world-leader in the manufacturer of dental implants and other dental prosthetics.

Osstem Implant (South Korea), a leading manufacturer of dental implants - No. 1 in Asia-Pacific and No. 5 globally in the dental implant market.

BIOLASE, Inc. (USA) is a global leader in the manufacture of laser systems for use in dentistry and medicine.

Silfradent (Italy) specializes in the design and manufacture of instruments such as centrifuges for dental laboratories.